In this article, Donavan reviews a view on the metaverse: that it facilitates escapism. But perhaps we can escape to more enriching hideouts?

June 2022

The livestream broke halfway, so we decided to write the episode instead.

March 2022

Don explores the world of business... did he mean business?
Far from unassailable, this popular life philosophy has its issues.
Don takes a stab at why Singapore has been set ablaze by "time bombs" on degrees. But... is it such a radical idea that it needed to be doused soon…
How can a pedagogy of play enliven the classroom for learners of all ages?

January 2022

Donavan mulls over what he thought of when deciding with Leoson and Pauline on how the vast topic of education could be opened.

May 2021

Welcome to the home of Very Clear Cut’s ramblings. We navigate modern-day dilemmas, and do battle with the issues that youth and working adults face…