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Not every idea, or thought makes it to our live streams. There are too many worldly topics that are complicated.

Nevertheless, we feel that some of these thoughts fit better in a written medium compared to an audio one. Examples include ideas requiring visuals, or topics where only long-form does justice to these ideas.

Sometimes, we also encounter ideas that do not quite fit into any of the VCC episodes either. These could be inspirations arising from sources we consult prior to putting together our topics, or simply encounters that allow for a discussion to sprout on its own, independent of the themes we cover.

Our writers will be grateful for every subscription, for each sub warms the cockles of our hearts.

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Penetration tester, content creator. Slices and dices the world, hopefully making it clear cut(s). Find out more at https://donavan.sg.
Millennial. Passionate about science communication and all things interdisciplinary.
Two newly minted 30-year-olds with eclectic minds navigate modern-day dilemmas, and do battle with the issues that youth and working adults face today.
Mental health and stigmatised minorities. And some music